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National Beer Expo

Attendance info for media and trade professionals

Trade Professionals


The Capital Ale House National Beer Expo welcomes highly qualified members of the trade.  Since tickets to the Walk-Around Grand Tastings will be restricted to avoid overcrowding, their will be a very limited number of tickets available to the trade. Decisions regarding admission will be made by the organizers based on the availability of tickets and the qualifications of the trade registrant.

You must be directly involved in the purchase, distribution, marketing, or sale of beer for an establishment on a full-time basis to qualify as a member of the trade. In addition, all of the required fields in the trade registration form must be filled out. If a required field is left blank or incorrectly filled out, your registration will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All decisions concerning trade registration will be made by event organizers at their discretion.

If your registration is accepted, then you will be e-mailed information concerning how you will be permitted to enter the tasting.

The entry time for the Trade for the Walk-Around Grand Tastings on Saturday, November 4, 2017, are at 12:00 P.M. for the first session and 6:00 P.M. for the second session at the Main Street Station Shed.

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Members of the Press


The press is welcome to cover the Capital Ale House National Beer Expo. The event is a premier craft beer and food experience, featuring a well-curated selection of extremely creative, rare, new and seasonal craft beers from across the U.S. and Belgium, with an emphasis on Virginia, and delicious artisan cuisine. You will have the opportunity to taste over 80 extraordinary beers at the various events associated with the Expo and Virginia Spirits at the Walk-Around Grand Tasting.

If you have media inquiries, please contact Alex Papajohn at 804.349.6909 or apapajohn@VariantEvents.com.

If you want to request a press pass, then please use the form below.

The trade registrant will need to request the name of the event(s) she wants to attend. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis depending on ticket availability and the qualifications of the registrant.

Please note that a press pass includes free access to the event, but does not permit the consumption of alcohol. Thus, as a member of the press, you will be permitted to enter and report on the event at no cost. However, if you want to consume craft beer, then you must purchase a drinking ticket on this Web site or at the door, if tickets are still available. This policy is consistent with Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control laws, which require a consumer to pay for the consumption of alcohol.

If your press registration is accepted, we will inform you via email.

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