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Craft Beer Donuts at Sugar Shack Donuts

Saturday July 19th Back to full schedule

Craft Beer Donuts at Sugar Shack Donuts

Sugar Shack Donuts

1001 N. Lombardy Street Richmond, VA

7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Craft Beer B Food F

Great beer tastes good in more than just liquid form. It also can be used to make amazing donuts.   

Just ask the people at The Sugar Shack, the acclaimed donut shop located in downtown Richmond. Enjoy the decadence of a fresh donut made with locally sourced ingredients, including craft beer. It’s hard to imagine a better start to the biggest day of the National Beer Expo.   

This event requires no advance ticket. Simply go to Sugar Shack Donuts and choose the donuts you like, whether they are the ones made with local craft beer or others on the menu.

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